Nahhh. Can't be right. A flyable Saturday down in the lakes in March. too windy on our sites so a plan of sorts was formed.

Forecasts changed so 07.30 Saturday morning. Rob calls.

Errr looks ok for mountbenger. Can't be arsed with the drive down to the lakes. What do you think?

The day started with a debate on where to go,will it be West or North west we decide on Mountbenger. Arrived at the bottom around  midday and we could see various crows and buzzards playing about so a quick nip up to the top to find a nice breeze with definite cycles.

Stupid cheap weather. Stupid cheap winter. Looked like a window of opportunity to fly at bridgend. South westish in the morning going to east North east by 3pm. Expectation was set quite low but seemed like a nice day for a walk anyway.

Around a week ago DaveH had decided he still had 3 days leave to take therefore it would be flyable this week!!  Tuesday night saw the usual round of group emails determining where would be best to fly, Fred decided on Balquhidder braes and Dave decided the Borders would make for easier logistics.  I'd decided it was going to be too light but Wednesday saw a quick call to Tommy who suggested Jubilee Cairn. (note to self - must have more will power)