It was a bit of a late start for me on Saturday, and I got to the hill around 11, just as Ian and Gerald were parking up. Ian carried on walking to the sensible steeper face of Torfichen Hill, but I...
A small party of Wingbeat club newbies comprising Ruth, Angus and Graham arrived at Sundhope just after 12:00 on a clear, bright and warm day.
Arrived late because of work stuff, so I assumed the day was over. Lots of cars, no people (Dave H, Sean, Fred, Alex et. al.). The sky looked great, so I assumed everyone had buggered of XC. The...
  In a moment of insanity at the end of our springtime SIV adventure, with the adrenaline still coursing through my veins, and in the sure and certain knowledge that my life was safe for a few more...
  Well it proved a gid day oot at the little hill with big lift, For some time Jamie and myself have been exploring this site and the potential was favourable.
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