Wind. Lots of it. All from the East or North east. Do people not understand that it's not a great day if it's 27deg but bl**dy windy?

Ok rant over. well. maybe. Stupid Cheap Weather!

Got lots on this week but thought there was a chance of some flying before it got dark. At this time of year its about 10pm so there is plenty of scope for evening flying if you are not in too much of a hurry.

Monday was double-booked so no chance of me getting out flying. Then hospital appointment was over double quick, and work can always wait, so took the early 4pm finish and headed up Hillend. Strange that it was working there - perhaps a continuation of the baffling weather forecasts? - as the whole of Scotland seemed to have some sort of southerly and only Edinburgh had it NE. Bizarre.

Proof is in the viewing, and reassured to see Ian K soaring back and forth, with some scratchy moments. So up the hill on the moonwalk tow and jog to the top making it from house to launch in 35 minutes and still with some breath left in the lungs for a change.

Took off, and normal hill above the ski slope was not working so well, so shot over to the crags to take a look, arriving quite low, so very relieved to hear the beeps getting stronger as I tucked into the face. At times it was big and lifty, others very sinky, so enjoyed a right good roller coaster of ups and downs, having to work quite hard in at the face to get back up, or pushing out and east and connecting with big climbs further than I have ever got before.

After about an hour it became more scratchy than lifty, .so went for the final fly down and managed to find and work lots of little bubbles on the way to give a really extended flight. A really enjoyable bit of flying and less than two and a half hours door to door! Certainly made up for yesterday's disappointment at Singlie despite the lovely cloud streets.



  • Hillend_ridgeline
  • Singlie_cloud_street

Forecast implied we might get some flying in earlyish on sunday morning but we all know forecasts change. Was getting ready to head out when rob said it was raining with him (lovely sky here in lockerbie).

A quick check of the rainfall radar. Doh! timings had changed and it looked wet not long after I would get to the hill.

Not long ago, we rarely flew MountBenger. Don't know why not, cos it just seems to deliver the goods every time. Once again a Wingbeat half dozen (Fred, Dudley, Derek, Rob, DaveH and later Alek) gathered at the Mount and took advantage.