The Wingbeat club is not a paragliding school so we are unable to give any training or instruction on how to fly.

If your interested in learning to fly please check out the BHPA website

There should be a BHPA school near to you.

Once you have achieved your BHPA Club Pilot rating then you are more than welcome to come and fly our sites but get in touch before setting out as we're a small club and our sites can be quite quiet. If you don't get in touch you will probably be the only person on the hill!

We do have a couple of members who fly tandem paragliders. If you are a local and would like a tandem flight please contact the club and we will see what we can do. We are not allowed to charge for tandem flights and if you want a flight at a specific time or place then we would recommend that you contact one of the BHPA schools via the link above.