About the club

Wingbeat is perhaps the smallest paragliding club in the UK and is based around the tributaries of the River Tweed in the Teviot, Ettrick and Yarrow Valleys of the Southern Uplands in the Scottish Borders. The club started in the 90’s originating from the local paragliding school but continued after the school closed and kept the name.

We have lots of sites in and around the Ettrick and Yarrow valleys. At one point we had more sites than members although in recent years our membership numbers have grown. We’re working on getting more sites as it’s a nice claim to make.

As a BHPA club we welcome all qualified pilots to the area. We are not a school and do not teach paragliding (or hang gliding).

Learning to fly

If you are interested in learning to fly then please check out the BHPA website for more details of your nearest school.


Joining the club

If you are a current BHPA member and have passed your CP (Club Pilot) then you are welcome to join the club if you live in the local area. We do have members from slightly further afield but we would prefer you to join the club if you are planning to (or currently do) fly our sites.


All BHPA clubs are coaching clubs by definition. We have a few official club coaches that fly our sites but we don’t offer any dedicated coaching sessions. The more experienced pilots tend to keep an eye out over the less experienced pilots and offer advice if and when needed.

How to join the club

There is a rumour of a an initiation ceremony but what we want is for you to visit and fly our sites (with the club rather than by yourself) before you can officially join the club.

Please use the contact link below on the website to get in touch with the club. We’ll then let you know when we are out flying next, you can come along and we’ll take it from there.

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