Flight Logs

Where and when we've been flying

Back in May we were asked for a date to host the nationals round. I marked it on my calendar and everyone else forgot about it. So when Scott/Adrian pinged me about hosting a round I remembered the dates, passed them on and at the famous 5 day weather forecast it looked flyable. (I have a theory that the forecasts are designed to piss off flyers by always suggesting the next flyable day will be in 5 days time). We started to make a plan.

Andrew flying at bridgend

Arrived at site around 3:00 to see Chris almost ready to take off, Tommy half way up the hill with Jamie & Sean getting ready for the climb up. Just before we left Dudley arrived so we all set off together.

After a bit of a windy horrible day on Tinto yesterday, the forecast was looking a bit nicer for today. Lighter winds from the N - NE and sunshine. After the usual discussion it was decided to head for Bridgeend early afternoon for a bit of soaring. No one was really up for anything very exciting.

Well got out flying at last. Only had a small window of time so headed to Witchie Knowe with children in tow.

Not quite strong enough an first take off, a few beats and them a bottom landing. (not a bad thing being very rusty and had to get rid of the two field mice stowed away in my harness)

After a long spell deciding where to go in the morning it seamed after a drought of flying due to crap weather. I had scoured from north of England  - wind SE late afternoon,  to west coast of Cumbria - SW.
It was hard to make a choice in fact stuck for choice but decided on Thornnill as i had something to prove to my self about strong wind cross wind take offs.

Well I have broken my duck for this year and managed to fly at tinto.

It was bright when I arrived around 11:30, and there was a reasonable breeze So it looked like a good day in prospect.