Flight Logs

Where and when we've been flying

Well got out flying at last. Only had a small window of time so headed to Witchie Knowe with children in tow.

Not quite strong enough an first take off, a few beats and them a bottom landing. (not a bad thing being very rusty and had to get rid of the two field mice stowed away in my harness)

After a long spell deciding where to go in the morning it seamed after a drought of flying due to crap weather. I had scoured from north of England  - wind SE late afternoon,  to west coast of Cumbria - SW.
It was hard to make a choice in fact stuck for choice but decided on Thornnill as i had something to prove to my self about strong wind cross wind take offs.

Well I have broken my duck for this year and managed to fly at tinto.

It was bright when I arrived around 11:30, and there was a reasonable breeze So it looked like a good day in prospect.

It's been a long time since I flew and  between the 'perfect' Scottish summer and work commitments I was concerned that the unknown contents of a bag sat in the corner of the room would be a stranger to me.  The usual idle banter on the group suggested this week would be flyable and I'd missed the Mountbenger trip the previous night but Thursday looked possible.  Jamie's on-line response to my comment that I'd forgotten what to do with the contents of the paragliding bag was "you put them over your head and then run down the hill making squawking noises".....evidently Gerald thought this was a very unkind comment but Tommy just laughed!!

I had to be in town this morning and as I was heading home around 11am my phone rang. It was Steve Giles and Jude, Steves partner.

   They were at the Grey Mares tail and they wanted to go flying...just as well the glider was in my van I thought.

Derek showing off how well his glider and harness matches his car

Another chance at evening flying. A plan was made. Singlie with options to move on.
So... got to Singlie and Rob said it was too west.
We then parked up at Witchie and the four of us (Rob, Derek, Andrew and myself) headed up and over to Rough Knowe.

Sundhope fly down

The night before, Jamie claimed it was going to be flyable tomorrow evening. So after work I set of for Mountbenger, it was pretty windy and even seemed to be W/NW...

    It has been a good number of weeks since any flying has seemed possible so I had to tune my melted brain back into action.

   Of course..Sundhope heights, that would work so I texted Dave Lyal who was on route, we met up and spoke with Duncan the farmer " Aye nae bother"...grand.