Flight Logs

Where and when we've been flying

Initially 4 of us Tommy, Rob, Chris, and myself met at the farm around 11:45, and I think that we were joined later by Andrew and Dave Hutch. The sky looked perfect, lovely and sunny out front with lots of blue and a very nice build up of the white fluffy stuff. It did have all the makings of a classic XC day even if base was estimated at 4,500ft. Well when I was walking up the north west shoulder I felt a breeze at the back of me and I started to have my doubts that this was the wrong site for the day, however having a chat with the others on top they were all convinced that we were in the right place so I put down to being a thermal. That was the first sign of things to come and it wasn’t going to be the day we all envisaged.

The usual swithering on teh phone to Tommy got things to do...might over develop...wind uncertain and light....and so on. We decided to reassess at 9:45. At 9:45 it still looked good. Light SW going S and nothing on the forecasts to say OD. On Derek's advice not to over think it, we headed for Broughton and met Fred there for the walk up the hill. This had the usual discussion on the nature of existence and the ultimate purpose of mankind and so on.

A good looking sky and a good forecast tempted a posse of the wingbeat crew to head for Bodesbeck.

And we weren’t the only ones - a few keen LLSC chaps were walking up from the Moffat road side of the hill. Shocker of a climb.
Tommy was already on top when Rob and I arrived.

A bit of chat about where to go flying today, if there is any South in the wind we have lots of great options, we even have one that you can drive right onto the launch...on a tar road.

   We arranged to meet at high noon just in case it was not flyable so we could have a fight instead, Ahem.

Sunday morning. 8am. pretty poor visibility in Lockerbie but reports from up the country of better conditions so a plan started together on the group.

Tinto? Dungavel? Cacra? BlackKnowe Head? Mountbenger? Foulshiels? or Wichieknowe?