After meeting a new look Sean and a friend Fred at flight park at 10 am, A briefing by Jocky over a cuppa coffee it was into action pretty much right away. 

Sean was first up he did his 4 launches rapid by about 12 midday and it was decided that rather than change about alternately Fred would do 5 and then me do 5 to save time switching over.
The thermic conditions did prove tricky at times we had cross wind sea breeze but Fred got the 1st of 5 done on his Triton wing.

I don't care how many years you have as a pilot and how much practises you have at forward and reverse launch nothing can prepare you for being dragged in to the air unceremoniously it looks easier than it is.

My 1st 5 went quite well, a few early releases and a few fluffs. At one point I was blown over a willow plantation next to the field after releasing the tow line and going into a forward dive! I thought no way I am getting involved at get my glider out of here speed bar on and breezed over to the field.

It was a case of Murphy's law this day I had every thing happen I even had a half frontal collapse. It then was decided that take a short break so off the field for some water and take stock.

Fred carried on with the next batch of five and few extra to satisfy Jockeys professionalism .

There was some talk about the firebird wing not up to the task or not responsive enough for tow launching or even me, it did feel like there was a delay in the inputs while try to keep the glider a lined, and there where some comments like try to launch a double decker bus, which is not exacting inspiring confidence in me.

The wind was swirling around and changing direction we thought that was it for the day and that meant I would need to come back but after a short break and reassessments we where going to give it another go.

I was presented with a new wing, I mean brand new Buzz what ever and told by Mr Sanderson that if I get any cow plats on it I would need my credit card, and there where some pretty loose cows in that field, I'm__possible if you just think of the spelling of that word momentarily !". 

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.

Well however between the 2 wings it was like nite and day the buzz came up sharp and easy to control 4 tows rapid and done and dusted.
Sigh of relieve for me and Fred and of course Sean as he was eager to get away. I think he really had the biggest smile on his face. So back to flight park for a will deserved cuppa tea and a sanny.

For me and Fred had still to do the exam.(SEANDINARUNNER)  

Sean's has left the district, In his haste he forgot to fill out his details.

Fred declined so I stepped up for my fellow wingbeat member. 

I am glad when taking up this sport of paragliding it was the hill method that I chose, I don't think that I would have if it had been the other way round. I believe Sean has some photos of the day and I would say well done to all wingbeat members that complete this course not every ones cuppa of tea, and a well done to Dudley and of course a big thank you to Mr Sean Figgitt for the tiresome effort the last few years and Jocky and his son at flight park.

                                                                                                                                             Ta Gerald.       Long live Wingbeat