I set off today with a plan to do the Moorfoots ridge again. I knew before I arrived that the wind was off to the west and it was not to be.

I kept going with the faint hope it might be ok and at the same time thinking about plan B.

10 min after I arrived Dave Thompson turned up and we decided on Bishops. The walk up was fairly tough but not as bad as I remembered. One small problem was that I had left my water at home and I had very little in the way off food, a small piece off cake and a can off sardines.

Near the top I managed to get some water from the snow that was lying around.Wind wise almost nothing.

Some guy called Lee appeared on a paramotor and landed beside us on the top for a chat. Still no wind.

After a bit we decided to fly. Stuart Yarrow had walked up and he launched off at the same time as us. We headed along to the north end of the ridge arriving well below the ridge. But amazing as it was there was lift there and after a bit off scratching about in the big boulders we were above the top.

Dave set off down the Ridge with me in hot pursuit. He did not even slow down at the big gap to get over onto West Lomond I think and made it over, I arrived low and had to scratch my guts out to save it, but I managed it and continued to pursue Dave who was heading east along this even bigger ridge, loads off lift, very nice flying.

Eventually we turned back and had to face the gap again. It was much easier to get back and we flew all the way along Bishops again. Dave said he was going back along and was intending to fly as far as possible along what I presume was West Lomond and a glide to the east. I decided to fly for a bit then go down and get the car. It was a super fly down. I picked Dave up later and he had managed to fly pretty much to Falkland.

So lets see what Daves Gopro recorded....