So... the forecast looked promising for today but where to go?

After lots of discussion a decision was made. Mount Benger for 12:30

We got there. It felt kind of strong so after a bit of chat we took a leisurely stroll up the hill. Still felt a tad strong. so we went higher. and then we waited. The forecast indicated things should drop off and they did eventually.

Rob Headed off first. Good take off and up and away. A little bit of twitchiness to start with then looked pretty smooth. Tommy off next then I joined them.

Glider felt solid, seemed lifty in places and windspeed was good. Very nice to get back in the air.

We all boated about round the valley. Rob seemed to push out front and to the north quite easily however not being hugely familiar with the site I played it safe to start with but then attempted to explore a bit more.

A few wingovers to keep things interesting, a wee bit more flying then in to top land and discuss things.

Sun was getting quite close to the horizon so talk started to focus on getting back to the cars. As it was a tad strong on the top we were not quite sure what conditions would be like by the car. Tommy headed down and took a look but soared back up after finding things a little bit rough. He packed up on the hill and walked down.

Myself and Rob did a bit more soaring then flew south off the end of the ridge. It was quite rough as we cleared the side of the hill in front. Well. not very rough but rough compared to the conditions on the ridge.

Landed down near the gordon arms as dusk was setting in (made it interesting checking for power/telephone lines!). packed up then tommy took us back to the cars.

A stop back at the pub for a quick beverage and more chat.

A grand day out and we even flew. Almost an hour airtime which is a good start to the year.



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