Knackered, slightly stiff, Sunburnt and close to regretting at least one decision to fly!

I think rob gets the prize for most attempts at leaving the hill.

After the ground handling practice by the talker my head wasn't in the place I needed it to be. For Light thermic conditions I need to want to fly but yesterday I had a big case of thermal aversion.

Peglarr turned up and took off. Followed closely by Craig. They went up so I had a go.

Got the wing up then launched. Everywhere felt like it was downwind and fast! Then a blip of lift... Beeeeeeep ok white strong lift. Suddenly I was thermalling and getting quite high. Saw Craig and another glider scrambling to join me but not sure if they made it.

Thought I'd head over to where Tommy and Rob were, as it was working over there according to a radio message I'd gotten half an hour earlier... that would be sink then. Bumbled about at or below ridge height for a while. Saw a red ribbon getting a 40percent asymetric and then thought .. yep there are still thermals about.

Slope landed and went for a chat. Felt strong on take off. So lots of chat.

Craig had a wee incident and hurt his elbow.. so walked down. I packed up to follow him down. As I did so the wind dropped. Rob, Dave and Matt took off. It looked good. So quick decision... In pack and lob off. Then... What the duck am I doing... As the wind picked up to bl%%dy strong. An interesting launch then straight out from the hill. Through a couple of thermals and down. Then was last back to the car.

Probably could have topped up with the thermals and maybe made the road or gone to the ridge but after the interesting launch and kind of regretting unpacking my head was in push out and land mode rather than looking at the different options.

An interesting day... And going to try to get my fitness up a bit in the next week or three for Spain. Also added 'p20' to list of things I need to take with along with working out water tube routing in my harness..