Arrived late at the hill with Tommy and Dudley, but just in time for the last climb. Climbed out with about 8 or 9 skinny minny type gliders. They charged of and I hung about in zeros to see who would go up. To the left of the wind farms seemed the best bet so I headed over there.Got a climb back to base and headed of down wind.

 Got another good climb at Fruid reservoir, but that's where it all went a bit wrong. Down wind had some big hail storms and the wind speed had picked up to 26Km/h. I though it's probably time not to be flying in the hills so I pushed back up wind to the wide valley but by the time I got there it had mellowed again.

The run down to Moffat seemed safe enough so I headed down that way. Got a couple of decent climbs on the way and arrived at Moffat with a good bit of height. I was not really enjoying it though. Every time the clouds had caught up with me it had went a bit mental so I decided to call it a day and landed.

Ali Guthrie and various Northumberland / lakes big boys landed behind me and I had a pint with them and Tommy and Dudley who kindly had come to collect me. Hope I get a chance to return the favor soon. Dudley earned reward points by spending a good part of the day extracting a novice from a tree and Tommy reports conditions back at the hill as being mental and had the opportunity to see his glider from an unusual angle.