Fly home from Dungavel. I f*cking wish. Not really with it today.

Made a bit of a mess of the climb out. Climbed out with Stephen, Dave and Tim. First 1000 - 1500 feet went fine in a thermal with Stephen.

Everyone started climbing a bit better behind me and for reasons I cant quite explain I did not go and join them and got left behind a bit then the climb got weak. The wind was quite off, round to the SW.

Never mind I thought, it will be on big Tinto, flew over there, hit a good thermal, stopped a big deflation just in time with my hand as far down as it would go and started climbing strongly under a good cloud street. Then I had a look at where I was in relation to the airspace.

F*ck sake not enough distance to justify the walk. Back to Tinto.

Never mind I thought and wait for the sea breeze / convergence to start pulling the wind in from the west, which it did about 3PM but there were starting to be big shaded areas and the in-rushing air gave little forward speed under the clouds.

I decided it was not going to be my day and at least managed to fly most of the way back to the car under a big cloud.

Should not have messed up the climb out, misjudged the wind strength and thought once I had got to base I would be fine.

Not much point being high but downwind in any kind of breeze on a 1-2 glider. Should have made more of an effort to climb where I was or at least go back to the hill and try again.