After the usual Friday night Emails Rob and me decided that a trip up Mountbenger seemed to suit the prevailing weather conditions W or SW, 6 - 8mph and clouds forming early afternoon to hopefully show the way. 

After walking up the bowl the wind seemed slightly off so we kited round to the front face.  Thermals were small and broken (gnarly even) and initial flights were just short hops.

Sitting on the hill Rob saw 3 buzzards circling out above the Gordon so headed out into the valley to try the lift.  A few 360's followed until he lost the lift and found the sink but made a glide back to the hill. 

Sitting a while longer we could feel the wind, or thermals, strengthen slightly so I hooked in and took off searching for the lift to be followed rapidly by Rob - the photos tell the rest of the story........


  • 1 Rob takes off
  • 3 Still searching
  • 4 Climbing out
  • 5 Still climbing - St Marys and Megget in distance
  • 6 Rob gets higher
  • 7 Tightening the turn
  • 8 I want one of those
  • 9 Getting closer
  • 10 Just for fun - look no feet!!
  • 2 Looking for lift
  • 11 On a glide
  • 13 Fastheugh, Foulshiels and Selkirk
  • 14 Glide to Foulshiels - need lift
  • 15 Foulshiels - spot Rob
  • 17 Final glide
  • 19 Checking options - 3 fields short!


{mosmap kml='/images/flightlog/2013-05-25-mountbenger/dudley_mountbenger_to_selkirk_track1.kml'|kmlpolylabel='Dudley'|mapType='terrain'|lat='55.528055'|lon='-3.091855'}