Headed up for an evening fly to bridgend. The forecast showed the wind to be dropping as the day progressed so though I'd get a wee bit of soaring in.

Got to the hill a wee tad later than planned. very little breeze at the car but still some movement on St Marys loch so decided to walk up. a nice breeze was on my back as I walked up but this dropped off once I'd got to the top and started to get the glider out of the bag.

The sun had disappeared behind a cloud. once it came out again the breeze resumed. so I thought I'd give it a go.

Took off fine. enough of a breeze for a reverse launch and some kiting.. then first issue. couldn't get my feet into the pod. a couple of beeps on the vario showed there was some "up" in the air but I flew out from the hill to try to sort out the harness. The footplate had gotten inside out :-( and I couldn't sort it while in the air. the adjustments that Steve @ S&W made to the harness setup meant that I wasn't squealing quite as much as previous flights when in a similar situation but at the same time it wasn't particularly comfortable.

Not much choice in what to do next. too far out from the hill to slope land at a decent height on the hill so flew down to the bottom and landed. so glad the same thing did not happen while in Spain. that would have been very interesting!

nice evening. great views. meant to take a picture of the loch of the lowes on the way back. it had almost a mirror finish to it which kind of implies my take off was just in time!


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