Rasp was giving a 5 star rating for the moffat hills so took a last minute afternoon off from work.

Got to the hill a bit later than planned but with grand plans for a flight down to moffat. Barry was on the hill and Dudley turned up too. Conditions were fine for ridge soaring but slightly gusty and strong at times.

DT passed overhead from the Eildons but landed between the grey mares tail and the loch of the lowes.

So after deciding XC was unlikely we chatted, had a few wee flights then me and Barry were flushed down the side of the hill while Dudley top landed. I had a near vertical decent which was weird as the wind speed down the bottom was not hugely strong.

Packed up and then a wee chat with Barry before he set off home. Then.. as Dudley was back in the air I lightened my pack and headed back up the hill. (daft idea but..)

got a wee flight or two in before it felt like it was picking up again. prediction number 43 was the sea air had finally made it through from the East. We waited a while for things to mellow... found Dave Lyal  distributing chick peas near take off.. then waited some more before deciding it was fly or walk down time.

The air had mellowed so we all launched, went straight up and then decided maybe it hadn't mellowed as much as we'd thought! a wee boat about then out over the river / field and another near vertical decent and landed.

A pleasant enough afternoon out but not quite the epic conditions that were hoped for. Might mark Bridgend down as a soaring / convergence / sea breeze site rather than an XC launch pad.


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