Nobody was willing to make a decision about where to go based on the forecast.Sean was staying local. Dave Tomkins was heading to clough but surely a wingbeat site can work today?

Eildons? Minto? Mountbenger? Newark/fastheugh? were all bandied about. bodesbeck might have been worth a look too. 11.30 no decision.

Mia started talking about getting some garden furniture so when Tim called at 11:40 we both decided Mountbenger might be worth a look.

Got to the hill to find Tim and Barry prepped and ready to head up so got my self sorted and headed up.

thermals were coming up, down and from the left and right but there was movement to the air. well. a little.

W wee while after getting to the top things settled down and were consistantly getting a bit of "waft" up the westerly face. Barry was first off. he got a couple of little bit of lift but headed down.

Dudley appeared. Never heard him swear so much so looks like he's getting as much exercise as me!

Tim gave himself a 5 second count before launching (if the glider inflated 7/8ths for 5sec he was off) so had a bit of a wait then went off. He got up a bit but soon headed down.

Dudley was next off (as I faffed about) and worked hard to stay up. He probably got the longest flight of the day but probably not much more than 15min before landing.

I was ready. but the thermals were coming from every direction than west. more faffing. no wind. then set up for a forward launch. Tim buzzed me on the radio which seemed to coincide with a slight westerly breeze. Bugger the forward launch - Reverse launch and up in the air.

It was lifty and sinky in equal measure. so I went up and down for a wee while then down.

On landing Tim shouted something about a beer at the gordon arms so packed up as fast as I could.

29deg in the car at the bottom. and the beer was good too.

not the best afternoons flying but good to get out of the house.


  • barry in the air - 1
  • barry in the air - 2
  • barry in the air - 3
  • barry in the air - 4
  • barry in the air - 5 but now heading down
  • dudley cursing and swearing after the gentle walk up
  • run barry run
  • tim and barry
  • tim getting ready to go
  • tim in the air - 5 but going down
  • tim in the air - 6 but going down
  • tim in the air -1
  • tim in the air -2
  • tim in the air -3
  • tim in the air -4
  • tim