A very warm evening - wind wnw expected so an evening trip to Mountbenger was planned.

Very warm at the bottom. extremely warm on the way up. The sound of snoring helped me track down Dudley asleep on the hill.

The wind was a wee bit more gusty than expected and possibly more NW than WNW which made me think we were probably on the wrong hill.

Dudley had a wee flight and said that it wasn't as smooth as expected with near a vertical decent onto the side of the hill. Direction was confirmed as being off everywhere apart from the wnw facing nose on the south side of the bowl. Very lifty in the valley too.

I wasn't feeling hugely keen and so we paused for 25min as things settled down.

The gusts were mellowing but the direction was getting worse.

Dudley took off and flew down. Sunglasses and a landing field in shade making things interesting.

I faffed on take off. Flying my old glider I was finding things a bit different to normal. Glider is easy to launch but brakes are longer than the T5 Red. brake handles are also more webbing like so when I did take off but didn't get my foot in the pod I found I couldn't get my hand out of the brake to adjust things. I was only a couple of feet off the ground so landed.

A bit more ground handling while the wind sorted itself out and started coming along the hill (never good!) meant that I packed up on the hill and stomped down. Better to be safe than sorry although I think I was a little bit annoyed at the time.

A nice bit of exercise and a very nice evening to be out of the house.


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