It was flyable at Dungavel! well, Briefly! so that's probably the first non top to bottom flight since the spain trip ! 

That's probably not true as there was some soaring at Bridgend but it feels that way.

 As I drove up the road there was a wave bar out to the nw of the hill. There were several by the time I took off. There were a few people on the hill - maybe 5 so quite buys by wingbeat standards.

Only got 20min or so flying before I decided that the sky out front was looking very sculpted / airbrushed and seemed to be getting closer so headed down and landed.

The wing still flies after it's line tweeking and managed to get into the harness too without any problems. Even though it was a short wee flight it ticks all the boxes on my nervous about stuff scale after not flying for 6 weeks.

Now just need some more evenings like that before it gets too dark too early, oh and maybe a flyable weekend day would be nice too.