A last minute day of work almost thwarted by the weather..  Nothing new there!


Initial plan was to head North or South. Forecast was for a front to head down the country so in theory should have passed over dungavel but would eventually get to Keswick. So the plan was refined a draw we headed to dungavel.

The front had just passed when I arrived at 12. Neil had headed up from  Carlisle and passed through rain so maybe things were looking up.

Was N.W at the hill but we could see two gliders on Abingdon W. After   hour of pondering the wind at dungavel we saw the two wings flying.  It looked on..  So change of site.

Walked up.  Light and a bit variable. Then thermic gusts started to cycle through. Some interesting flying.  Everywhere was downwind at different times. A bit off up too.

Neil was determined to fly and got the most scratching / ground handling in. I had a couple of goes. Got high but felt windy so wasn't keen on being blown or thermaled back into the boonies.

Eventually walked down and packed up when it felt consistently strong. More people were arriving as I left.  They got some good flying in too.

Nice day out.