There is something good about being able to drive to the launch site with a car, particularly when its windy and you have to wait for things to settle down.

The other good thing was the direction of the wind, being smack on the middle launch. Its not the longest beat in the world so after a few beats I made my way across the road to try the higher ridge to the right, It was working not too bad but it was not perfectly into wind and after a bit set off on the glide to the bowl on the left of the launch, I always enjoy this glide, you seem to get a lot for your money. I arrived in the bowl but there was not a lot happening here, Tim flew in to join me but I was already leaving for the middle launch.

 And thats where we stayed, lots of good little flights, top landings, launches and some hooliganism when the wagga started, I blame Dudley.

  The roll call for today....Dudley, Tim, Barry, and myself.



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