Windy, Rain, grey, grotty, shitty.. sunny(!?!) all valid descriptions for todays weather. There was a hint of a chance of a weather window for some flying at bridgend.

I was keen and managed to get the afternoon off work. Tommy (I'm giving up flying in 2013) was keen as he has just bought a new glider. Sean was keen because he's not flown for a wee while.

So... We all turned up at Bridgend around lunch time. Sean getting there first then me and Tommy arriving just after 2pm. it seemed windy on the way across but the loch wasn't showing any white caps so up we went. Took a bit longer than normal to get up the hill. had to keep pace with the over 50 crew ;-).

A nice breeze on take off got Sean up into the air pretty sharpish. Tommy spent longer than usual to get ready. I think the word "fondle" covers the care and attention the glider got. I guess it was the first time it had been out of the bag so not unexpected really. The other word that comes to mind was "Orange" as i'm sure you'll see in the pictures below.

Sean was boating about. I was watching the horizon disappear as rain showers were getting closer.

The sky got darker. a slight shower then things cleared. Tommy launched and was quite careful but testing out the wagga potential of the new glider. seems like it turns quite well.

I got my arse in gear eventually only to have the wind drop off. typical! I should have got things together quicker (I say that pretty much every time!) maybe next time. Tommy flew out from the hill and headed  down so I followed. then Sean headed down too.

More chat on the ground and home just as it was getting dark. a nice afternoon out. good company. and even a bit of flying.


 A mixture of fear and high excitment as I arrived at Bridend, could this be my first flight on my brand new Gin Sprint Evo.

  After arriving on top I finally clipped in and launched. Things have certainly moved on a bit in terms of glider performance and I was totally amazed at the feel of the new wing, great balance, turn on a pin, fast, great glide, what a difference.

  Maybe I will be able to see the Sigma 8 `s top surface from time to time now.......

              Tommy.......much pleased.



  • Sean_first_off
  • sean_landed
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  • Sean_soaring_the_hill
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  • tommy_with_his_new_toy_1
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