A likely looking slot presented itself today so a few off us met up at the bottom of Cacra. We drove the landrover up to the top gate and a short stroll to the top found a nice friendly breeze, so after a short time it was time to fly.

After a small groundhandling / wagga session it was time to explore the ridge lift. Dave Thompson had turned up at this point and he launched a good bit further down the hill and had no problem soaring up to us.

I was taking it easy on the new wing, its so different from my old Epsilon.....I need airtime. Dave was making it look easy so after a bit of cruising the ridge I pushed out on half bar to join him well out in front.

  After a bit the sky to the South started to look a bit black so we top landed and it started to rain, Jamie, Tim and myself packed and Dave decided to wait and fly down which he duly did. I think we walked of around 4pm.

   Nice little fly