After what seems like an age, a possible flying day at last. The LLSC guys were going to give Dungavel a try so myself and Rob set off to join them.

We arrived around 1.30pm and a few folk were ground handling at the bottom, and some were heading up the hill, so up the hill it was, or rather a walk across to the base of the hill, it was still a bit breezy.

Dave Thompson was first off and gained a good height, we waited for a bit as it was still pretty windy.

Rob had set up his new Gin Carrera and was groundhandling down from us, that thing looks skinny.

So it was time to launch, the wind had settled down a bit and it was easy to scratch along and up the slope, then pushing out into the lovely lift. Really nice conditions lift all over, lift way out over the road, just fantastic to be flying again.

After a while Jamie turned up to join in the fun and he was able to catch the last of things, we flew until nearly sunset, by this time we were struggling to stay up so it was time to push out to the road and land beside the cars and chat with some folk, it almost felt springlike until the sun went to bed.

Just fantastic to drink from the cup of flying again.



  • Dungavel hill - spot the carrera1
  • rob - zoomed it