Yesterday on Broughton was was a bit stable but still usable, everybody that was there went home a little bit sharper.

And it served us well today on Tinto....Rob and myself walked up with Mik gold and Aussie Steve, we only walked a third of the way up and launched before midday....and in no time we were climbing out, lots of good lift around.

After a good while we went along on to Big Tinto...some strong lift along there. I had neglected to put my windproof trousers on at launch and my bare ankles wanted some protection so I landed halfway up Greenhill...not an easy task...a tad windy and very lifty.

We pretty much did the same stuff until sunset, the last bit of the day I dedicated to this time it was smooth and landing on the top was easy.

Rob was looking great on the is something else...

I am really starting to get the feel on my new wing, the Sprint Evo...really agile and it turns so nicely...its lovely.

Mik and Steve and a few others also had a good day. After packing and walking back to the car Mik gold was playing blues with one of his Guitars....a nice end to a cracking day.



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