The forecast was for a Strong westerly wind during the day but dropping early evening and for once the forecast was correct.

My plan was to get to the hill about 19:30 and catch things as they dropped off. I made it to the bottom for 19:20 and there were three gliders in the air with three more on the hill.

Those flying were looking ok but forward speed at times looked like it was in single figures. quite small numbers.. I faffed for 10 min and spoke to alistair p. he had a knot in his brake line. untangled it and noticed the line didn't seem right. pulled it and the line snapped. doh!

Things stared to drop off so I kited up the hill a bit. then a bit further and further still. (all good practice but I wanted to get into the air). Took off.. Pod issues. so dangle soared for a bit.. trying to sort things out then flew back to the hill and landed (after the dangling got a bit painful!). Pod footplate was back to front possibly due to ground handling prior to launch.

More ground handling to get a bit higher as the breeze got lighter. Took off and got into the pod ok this time. soared down the hill for a couple of beats then headed out to land.

Nice wee flight and good to get out of the house and get my feet off the ground.

Bitten by something in the landing field.. slight hint of midges so better find my midgy net for future evening flights!




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