Another chance of some evening soaring at Dungavel looked on the cards. Wind strong during the day but forecast to drop. and it did :-)

I got to the hill about 18:30 and there was 12 other cars lining the road. Several people on the hill and a few in the air.

It felt a tad strong on the hill so I chatted to Stephen and Joe for a wee while as I unpacked. as it was due to drop I thought it best to get ready before it dropped rather than as it did as I've been caught out recently!

Interesting take off. Pod / feet issues again but got myself sorted this time without needing to land and then soared the hill for 45 min or so with one brief slope landing.

The wind direction was initially WSW but went to almost WNW as the evening progressed which made for an interesting down wind beat.

lots of people having fun on the hill and in the air. I think someone counted 15 gliders up at one point. It was almost like flying tvhgc sites again!

Stephen had a couple of flights which was good to see.

Tested out my new mini-vario (skybean). I was impressed but did eventually turn it off and the skytrax back on. I wanted to better judge my speed and where the wind was coming from (it obvious really!)

a very nice evening out.



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  • Stephen(green mojo) soaring the hill