After a bit of banter on the group we settled on going round to Broughton. A meet up at the usual place in Innerleithen saw Dudley, Rob and myself heading round to the site.

   Arrived to find not a soul going about, so we set off walking up the track kind of wishing we had brought a landrover, but we soon got into our stride and it seemed no time at all before we were up on the ridge and settled...this would be around midday. We had noticed fresh wheel tracks and someone was messing about with a wing, It was Ali Smith.

  The thermals were coming through in regular blasts so we launched, not a lot of met wind at this stage but easy to stay up, after a bit I landed and watched Rob and Dudley for a bit and it looked a bit was not long before they also landed back on the ridge beside me " Pretty rough out there" was the verdict.

    Conditions seemed to be changing all the time and after sitting for 15 min or so a breeze appeared from the West, we Launched again and things were much nicer, it was fairly easy to stay up but you had to work any lift hard. As the afternoon went on the West wind increased to give really easy conditions and we could explore the whole ridge easily, or push way out in the abundant lift, I even managed to get a very good look at the top surface off Dudleys Sigma could do with a damn good clean.

   I must mention that Dave Lyal had appeared and had a great day as did Ali Smith, Dave even had a go on my Gin Sprint Evo......"creamy" was the verdict??.

   It must have been 6pm or so when we headed down to land, and getting down into the landing field seemed to take ages with all the lift about but we had had our fill for the day and headed round to Broughton village where Rob bought us all beer and chips....cracking.


  • 1Rob
  • 2 Rob again
  • 3 Tommy shakes a leg!
  • 4 Tommy dances a jig
  • 5 Looking up
  • 6 Looking down
  • 7 Line up to follow Rob
  • 8 Dave joins
  • 9 Ali Smith
  • 10 Sharing a thermal
  • 11 Big ears
  • 11 Sharing a thermal 2
  • 12 Heading down
  • 14 Thermals over landing field
  • 15 Lochurd Farm
  • 16 Rob lands
  • Climbing
  • Rob
  • Tommy 1
  • Tommy 2
  • Tommy 3
  • Tommy watches as Dave steals his wing