Well after much absence from the esteemed company of team Wingbeat, the forecast and my diary was alluding to a flyable afternoon/ evening in the Borders and joining the boys on top of the hill. The only question that remained was which one?...

Jamie was at hand to bring me up to speed with the who was where and where the who was heading - Rob (who was at Witchie at the time) made a call to Jamie regarding the weather and it was decided that despite the forecasts suggesting a SE, to head over to Bridgend and (hopefully) catch the NE sea breeze...

Jamie and I travelled from Lockerbie and met with a layby's worth of cars that suggested Rob, Tommy, Dave, Barry, Chris and Stephen had arrived and were on their way. A brief look at the Loch made Jamie think his name was being used in vain at take-off as little suggestion of the sea breeze was seen on the surface. Shortly after we began our accent we saw Barry fly overhead suggesting they'd binned the idea of Bridgend and decided to go to a SE site - Jubilee Cairn had been suggested earlier in the day.

As we approached take-off Rob was playing about on the side of the hill that caused Jamie to conclude his name was definitely now mud in the camp! 

It wasn't before long that we looked to the sky and witnessed the battle between good and evil (relative to the day of course!) and then saw cat's paws on the Loch turn into occasion, white horses. So the sea breeze arrived, albeit little stronger than expected. A little patience was exercised, which in reality passed very quickly due to the usual banter. 

Rob and the Carrera were first up, followed by myself flying the maiden voyage of the Epsilon 7. Conditions were toward the top-end so it was an exciting take-off! Shortly after the rest of the guys joined us and we all had a merry boat around, Stephen recording his longest flight to date and doing very well taking off in top-end conditions - well done!

A post flight debrief over a drink and a packet of crisps was a welcome finish to a great day. 



  • 4 in the air
  • 5 down - 2 in the air (but out of shot)
  • 5 in the air
  • 6 in the air
  • chris and stephen
  • dave, stephen and rob
  • landing approach
  • mojo chasing a carerra
  • neil and chris
  • neil and rob
  • neil, tommy and dave
  • neil
  • neils maden voyage on the epsilon 7
  • ready to go
  • rob flying up and away
  • robs off
  • stephen getting pub suck
  • stephen, rob and neil
  • stephen
  • stephens green glider is not as camoflaged as he thinks
  • the bridgend shepherd
  • the pub is calling
  • three in a row
  • tommy
  • Jamie
  • Dave, Chris, Jamie & Tommy
  • Boating about