Stuart Hauchie turned up at the house today for a visit on his new motorbike...a V Max...and a newish glider...a Rush 3.

    So after a blether and catching up on what has been happening over the last four years, It has been that long since he has shown face, I did give him a loan of my good sunglasses all those years ago....but he brought them back today.

    After a blast out on the bikes on this glorious day we thought we would get some flying in as it was of round to Bridgend to meet up with Dudley and anyone else that was there. Gerald was already halfway up when we set of on the walk up....we passed him well before the top.

    A light but very flyable breeze coming through on the top...a great evening for cruising about and great for top landings and a spot of Wagga.

   Good to see Stuart flying again....Stephen arrived later and launched  when things were a bit light, but we were amazed when he stayed up well out from the hill...floating about nicely.

    Gerald had some soaring and even managed a good top landing.

       Another great evening on Bridgend.



  • Changing sky
  • Fluffy sky
  • Gerald on flydown
  • Gerald
  • Midge field landing
  • Tommy and Stuart
  • Tommy and Stuart 2
  • Tommy plays wind dummy