The forecast suggested it might be worth a look at bridgend  for some evening flying. The intention was for a walk up and a fly about then fly down so not looking for anything special. 

Tim and Barry got to the hill first closely followed by Stephen and Jamie. It was windier than expected.

Tim and Barry Headed straight up the hill and had a bit of a wait on top before giving it a go.

Me and Stephen looked at the wind, the trees and occasional white caps on the loch and decided to poke and prod at a speed bar setup to give the wind a slight chance of dropping.

It was a bit top end for Barry and Tim, but they waited and waited, and decided to give it a go ( They were really erring on the side of caution, after a bit of careful ballet dancing both got off , very lifty!)

Barry was at about 20 feet before he moved away from his take off point ! But Tim needed a bit of a run, both headed straight out, though Tim did do a couple of beats well away from the hill ( due to the high wind speed ,we just kept well away from the hill) but his vario had a flat battery ,so it was only ever going to be a flying by the seat of the pants affair ,but made it to the loch still at or above hill height.

Barry did a vertical landing but Tim set up well forward then needed to put  a few turns in to move back into the field ,away from the cables.

By the time Tim and Barry were down safe we'd lost the enthusiasm for the walk up. things had calmed but only slightly. So we all headed home.

Nice night to be out. should have made the effort to get up the hill rather than stay at the bottom but better safe than sorry.

Jamie (and reworded bits from Tim and Barry)


  • barry and his third choice of landing field
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  • tim and barry (packing)
  • tim and barry
  • tim getting ready to take off
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