Another nice evenings flyabout at bridgend.

Barry was first to the hill about 4.30 / 5pm and got an hour and a half of flying and ground skimming in before me and Stephen arrived.

As it was now a tad busy it was not long before he flew down the bottom muttering something about bl**dy buses and grouting to do.

Me and Stephen then had about an hours flying in before things dropped off and we ended up soaring down the hill to lad safely in the triangle field at the bottom.

Conditions were no where near the day before but we still got a couple of hundred feet above the hill in pretty smooth conditions. There were occasional bubbles of turbulence but nothing major.

Very impressed with Stephen's soaring skills - coming on really well considering he's still flying without a vario.

Another very pleasant evening flying at bridgend.



  • Barry-flying down
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  • stephen flying down
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  • stephen soaring nicely (no vario!)
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