Sunday morning lie in. in a tent! No kids. The day couldn't get any better.
Head out of the tent showed that the bonfire was still burning and people were stirring.
sky was blue. wave clouds were missing so game on.

After all the campers had been for a wee private walk in the woods and morning ablutions were completed... (accompanied to a cheer or two when they reappeared!) we started thinking about some flying.

There was no signal at the camp site so it fell on Tommy to pick a site. He suggested Mountbenger. I heard Bodesbeck. Maybe wishful thinking on my part but it added to the mornings confusion.
In the end we got it sorted out and headed to Mountbenger.
On the hill the breeze was light and had a hint of West or West North West. The site is best in a West South West.
Tommy was first in the air. Very light but flyable.

Rob, Gordon and Sean were then up next. Then down. then up again. It was going to be that type of day.
Barry, Tim, Alistair, Kenny and Craig also got some flying in.

A plan was formed. Fly to Selkirk and that was it. Very similar to Saturdays task but from a hill on the other side of the valley.
Not long after the breeze dropped to nought. So it was pretty much a thermic day with very little background met wind.
The sky was more overcast than forecast which probably damped things down.

Alistair found the first proper thermal then was joined by Sean and Rob. Rob floated up on his Carrera, Sean hung on on his sigma and Alastair flew back to the hill.
Rob and Sean made it to fastheugh where Rob got a climb up to 4000ft. Sean Landed.
On the way there Rob said it had looked like Sean was trying to trim the tree tops. He was a tad low but stuck with it.
Rob had to loose height to land at Selkirk.
While all this was happening there was little going on on the hill. A secondary plan was hatched - fly down to the pub. Kind of hard to resist!
Tommy and Dave were off. Then Alastair and Gordon. Only thing was they got into one of those thermal things and climbed out. Gordon made it a tad closer to Selkirk than Sean with Alistair getting to the fish farm near where Mike landed on Saturday.

The rest of us did fly down.

Tim and Bert did a grand job of retrieving everyone and then we debriefed over a shandy in the pub.

A pretty good weekend. The flying was ok but it's not always about the flying.

And congrats to Sean for getting the overall win for the weekend.



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