High pressure and light South easterly breeze was forecast. I had a plan to get out of the house after a busy couple of days at work. An evening walk up Jubilee Cairn. It's not a particularly easy walk but quite a nice fly down.

Tommy, Rob and Chris were also tempted.

Tommy and Rob were first up the hill the first report from the hill was mid afternoon: "breeze and thermals coming from the SE."

Chris hadn't been out for 3 months so walked up as Tommy and Rob flew down. Nothing much happening in the air - a couple of bubbles but pretty stable.

Chris then flew down and was packed up and ready to head home when I turned up. We both headed up to Tommy's and there was then space on the quad for a trip up the hill.

I was planning to walk up and get some exercise in but a quad ride to take off is hard to turn down!

Very light breeze nominally from the SE on the top. Not much hanging about in case it died off completely.

Tommy was first off. Running reverse launch. I had a forward launch attempt but ended up down to where Tommy had just launched from. so much for a slight height advantage!

Chris got off on the next brief waft. I did a second succesful forward launch and was off.

Not much more to say. slight bubble of lift at one point but not enough to turn in (I tried!) and then a null wind landing.

A very pleasant flydown and nice way to finish off a wednesday night.




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