After the early indication by our top coach T B with the intention to fly midweek a weather window did materialize so checked it out put in some extra  hours Tuesday with the plan to fly Wed afternoon.


There were various conflicting weather reports nothing ventured nothing gained, ( Optimist ) All ways look on the bright side of life De deet De deet DE deet did Dee.

However received a call from Tom that jubilee could be ok and arranged to meet at Boston Hall 1~30 pm or their abouts Tommy rang me and said where are you ? it was closer to 2-30 not willing to admit that i was at St Marys Hall when i should be at Boston Hall : I can hear you all say EERSTIPIT, the subject eludes you, AATELEE did i not say so, On arrival at Tommy's house where time stands still according to the shed clock . Gave myself a shake and swapped booty, Then was ready for the safety induction details of the landing field pylons etc from coach Bryson was introduced to Tommy Jr we put both wings in a rinsing cum trailer tub.

Tom Jr was quick to jump on the front of the quad which be came apparent after a few death defying plunges in to gorges  that you don't experience on a Big dipper plunge. All was well tho a  pause for more safety before ascent the instruction where if you feel the quad tipping back over jump clear and Tommy Jr will grab the front end.

Well at this point i was feeling a bit perplexed and way we went this quad went up to jubilee cairn like it had Helli fuel or some thing in it, As you all know cause you have been to T B's off road adventure park before, For me the safari up through the hills was better than the basic fly down.

Not much to speak about the flying it was really lite wind Tommy had a play with a different wing and flew past and down Tommy Jr was horizontal on the quad in the afternoon sunshine, ME sat for a while Destressing not from the manner in which i had arrived there so staring at the fantastic views a great way to spend a afternoon in the great outdoors I took off for the fly down had a couple of Beebe's on the way but nothing to indicate what some pilots refer to this phenomenon as magic lift, The valley floor winds where a little stronger 100ft or so off the ground Katabatic flow was evident which i had read about when i got home.

Made a bit of a tight turn just before landing the spider at tommys field behind the house and touch down the spider was forgiving run off the landing and down, Had a look round the the shed not much room for a barn dance but you could tel that it is a used working shed if you're shed is tidy you don't use it enough.

For me the best part of the day was the adventure on a scooped up moon buggy.

A big thanks to the top wingbeat coach and Tommy Jr for driving the quad back down.


And when i was stopped  and questioned after leaving the area by the game keeper and he said TOMMYSOWERTHEWITTER, tom is no longer suspect. The hidden valley where time stands still had gid day.

Just one picture I'm afraid.


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