Watching the forecasts all week and there looked to be a chance of some flying on Sunday. As the day dawned it was damp and clagged in in lockerbie. The reports around the country didn't sound brilliant but desperation was setting in and things were supposed to brighten as the day progressed.

Picked Chris up at eskdalemuir and got to witchieknowe just after 12. Cacra, Jubilee Cairn and blackknowehead all had orographic cloud as we drove past so when we turned the corner before ettrickbridge it was nice to see the hill clear of cloud.

Tommy, Barry and Tim were already there.

Apparently it had looked and felt better before we got there... that's always the case at witchiewknowe!

A plan was thrashed out - head up the SE face (as the breeze should stronger) and see what we can do from there.

Tommy was first up and off and did his usual thing...

Tim was second off. and soared down (so did his usual thing!)

Chris was off next - and flew over to the SW bowl. no wind over there so landed short.

Tim re-appeared and followed Chris. Barry headed down to the cars (interesting landing!) and Tommy was seen trying to swoop the road (too shallow)

I headed over to the cars and then persuaded Barry to have a shot on the tandem with me. We headed up the SW bowl and did a nice null wind take off and fly down.

Then persuaded Dave Lyal to have shot. We headed up the SE face and got ready to go. It looked like some orographic cloud coming up the face but that turned into a short rain shower :-(

Gave Dave the option to pack up and walk down but he was happy to fly down. Glider came up nice and within a couple of steps we were off. followed the road down and landed nicely. Well I did. Dave slid a bit and ended up sitting down. Both ok. Just need to flare a bit higher/sooner (as I think I did in the flight with Barry).

Started packing up when Tommy appeared with Chris to give us a lift back up to the cars.

I think we made the most of the day. and I think everyone will be making the most of any available drying spaces... several slightly damp gliders and one rather damp tandem.


  • 4 head up a hill
  • i see the wing but where is tommy
  • tandem glider drying
  • the view south
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Video (by Tim)