Chris and myself decided on another attempt at flying somewhere today and after giving it far too much thought we started heading for the Moorfoots, but on the way over too the Yarrow valley my melted brain came alive again to remember Sundhope....mmmhhhh.

     So we went there and had a chat with Duncan the farmer before heading up the face. there was wind at the bottom and we could have launched halfway but we went up a bit more, it felt ok but when kiteing the wings it was stronger than we thought so I clipped out and went up to the top where it was pretty windy but flyable if one was carefull.

   Chris was the wind dummy today and flew around and out...lift and more lift way out but you could see it was strong enough and certainly a day to keep well away from the hill, we both had good flying and as the day went on if was becoming really nice, very easy to stay up, I was just getting settled when it was time to call it a day. It was good to have stayed local and the site was able to cope when the wind went of to the west later. On a day like today when we had a bit of wind about and not sure what the exact wind direction would be N/W, W/N/W OR WEST this place covers it all.