Tricky forecast with strong West on the East coast round to SW over us. Energy was not high post christmas so we decided to stay local. With no clear wind direction we went to Witchy for an assessment, but were not much better of. It looked aground West or possibly slightly North of so for convenience we Tommy, myself, Dudley, Jamie, Dave the Hutch and Gerald, decided on Sundhope. 

 It's was a reasonably easy climb to the top to find the wind just ever so slightly North of West and almost soarable in the bowl. After a bit of messing about we decided it was all over and it was time to fly down as the sun was getting low. Of flew Gerald and as is the way with these things the wind came smack on the hill and blew at 15mph allowing us an hour or so of pleasant air time with weak thermals giving climbs 3-400 feet ato.

Dave, flew down to give the farmer a tandem ride, which he was delighted with. The day was rounded up with a pint at the Gordon arms. The sky was pretty memorable. A lovely mauve sunset turning into a crystal clear star filled sky going through all shades of blue to black. Like something of the cover of a sci-fi novel. Good result on a difficult forecast.. 


  • 7-Wingbeat team
  • dave and calum on the tandem
  • 5-Tommy takes off
  • the view from takeoff
  • the buggers flying after gerald flew down
  • 8-Sundhope Farm
  • rob pretending to know what he-s doing
  • tandem
  • 2-Jamie take off
  • 1-Tommy & Jamie get ready
  • 9-Dave on tandem
  • 11-Tandem launch 2
  • tandem on landing aproach
  • 12-Sundhope Farm
  • 3-Rob & Jamie scratching
  • dudley soaring the sun
  • 4-Rob the fashionista
  • 10-Tandem launch
  • 6-Rob & Tommy