Today my brain switched on again, well enough to make a decision to go and attempt flight.

   It was an easy choice, the forecast was good for "The Moorfoots". The great thing about this site is the walk up......there isn`t any, just park the car at the layby and hop over the fence and launch, its all just too much.

    What was also good today was most of the ingredients where present to give as good a winter flight as you will get anywhere, a great ridge run of some 15 km or more, I forget these details but its a fair old soar along with some slightly technical parts like shallow ground and a good few gullys and jumps from one hill to another, it really is a superb site to fly, I always come away feeling elated.

   An easy day as well, just the right amount of wind in the right direction. So for me it was a launch just up from my car, two touchdowns with the glider still flying and one landing at the end of the day by the car and two hours off wonderful soaring going back and forward under my belt.

        As the song goes " Just what I needed". 

               No photos I am afraid but David "the boy" Thompson was right in there and he had a camera on, I will ask him for a few images.