Feb 6th 2010

Saturday started a bit confusingly with met office giving WNW and xc weather giving NE ,where to go what to do ?

A quick call to tommy confirmed something was worth a go ,what ,no one was sure ,so picked up Dave Lyal and headed to St Marys lock for a look... Iit was gonna be light wherever. Arriving at Bridgend the wind was none existant in fact i think it actually sucked at one point !!,and the tops were still a little claged in at 11.30.

So what to do ?


Only one thing for it, cup of coffee. Down to tibbbie sheils for a coffee in the cafe (and maybe a bun ,walking didnt look to be on the cards )

half hour later after skimming a few stones ,the decision was made ,we were going to do SOMETHING ! ,so a plan was made ,tommy had scoped out a big hill at the back of megget resevoir,that was definately a NE and was keen to have
a look ,why not ,very little wind still and bridgend was only ever going to be a walk up fly down,so begins the adventure....

Tommy ,timmy and Davy ,had decided that a walk in the country would be a nice thing to do ,especially after all the ginger beer and jam sandwiches the night before.

Timmy put on his warm coat and wellies ,and davy did the same, tommy was wearing his new wellies and was certain timmy and davy would be really jealous.

He was right they were ,but davy and timmy had the best fun when tommy saw their new toys.
tommy was very jealous and stormed up the hillside like a very angry bull. He said he wasnt jealous but they knew he was (te he he).

They were sure the lightweight sandwich bags would do the trick. They did.

Tommy was very grumpy.

Davy did try to talk to him going up the hill but he just wouldnt stop. Poor old timmy was left behind calling up "wait for me tommy your new wellies really are the best!!"

Soon enough tommy was calming down and waited for poor old timmy who by now was really quite hot and *puffing*
like an old steam engine. This really was a good adventure!

There was a lot of snow still to play in and the views were really quite pretty. The breeze was still light so looked like a picnic on the top with sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer was going to be the highlight.

After what seemed like a very long time to timmy reached the top.

Davy and Tommy were playing together like old friends again,so timmy tried to join in but his poor legs were very tired and a bit floppy! So he tried some dragging instead. Much more fun than flying about in the air thought timmy but davy and tommy kept shouting down at him and making him really quite sad.

Timmy wanted his mummy now and didnt want to play at all ,and sat down in the snow in a huff ,but soon
enough davy came to see if timmy was alright, put his hand on timmys...




shoulder and told him we would all be the bestest friends forever and ever, and that if he didnt stop pissing about and get in the air the cloud was gonna close in and he'd be stuck here for the rest of his life, Timmywanted to cry but held back the tears and asked davy if he would help him becausehis floppy legs really werent working very well ,davy and soon tommy came to help timmy and his floppy legs ,get of the hill.

Best couple of 'anchors' in the borders (stop it!!)

The wind was smack on and extremely soarable ,so it was worth it after all ,the views were spectacular with the sun shining
through the clouds and the resevoir below like a mirror,we thought we may have made the right choice , the cloud was quite threatening at times rolling over the hillside opposite ,giving the feeling of never being more than a few minutes away from Stuck! but the soaring was good with a beautiful over hang of snow looking ready to fall if you dared to get too
close futher along the ridge ,great for sharpening the mind me thinks.

It really was a spectacular day considering the forcast,that was optimistic at best to even bother heading out ,especially to the hill with no name (well it did have one we just didnt know it at the time, Cramalt Craig at 831metres) not quite a marilyn but we banged it all the same !!(is that right??)

great day, great friends,great views and ginger beer as well

Timmy Reader