Arrived at TINTO at 10.30am to find swarms of cars,after a wee chat with some folk we wandered up to find a good breeze,but no one flying,I think it had been a bit strong but was nice when we arrived.

  The sky looked good but it was never going to be the predicted 5 on rasp,nice easy launch and a sniff around to get the feel of things and back in for a top landing,feeling good,maybe of to the NNE a bit but It was due to come good.

  Off again,and to start with it was fairly easy going with lots of space but this was to change later when everybody was in the air,it was ok when it was working and gave plenty of separation,but in between cycles it was getting dangerous.


  At one point after it switched off everybody was waiting for the next cycle and when it happened everybody went for it,there was plenty off room and lift and it was a real spectacle to see all these wings all over each other,I was climbing out nicely and glanced down to see a midair collision,I had had a little bell in the back of my head just as I was launching,I remember it well saying this is going to be interesting,I almost knew it was going to happen.

Anyway,as I watched these two gliders connect and rip appart,one was left in a dangerous looking spin,with other collapses happening,a cascade I suppose,it looked bad and I was transfixed by it,I was waiting for the reserve but it never happened,I really thought this guy was going in but at the last minute it started flying again,he seemed really close to the hill but I was observing all this from 500ft,

So to sum up,a really good day,I really enjoyed it,some good climbs,plenty soaring,today had a bit of everything.



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