It's a friday. forecast is NE. BRIDGEND ???


Tommy: 17:23: It's very light. It is soarable at times.
Jamie: Cool. will be there in an hour just in time for the mass fly down.
Tommy: 17:24: It's only me on the top.
Jamie: 17:45 Ok. Leaving Now
Tommy: 17:45: Stil here with Dave Lyal. He recons its going to pick up.

Got to the bottom to see three gliders in the air. Dave, Tommy and Derek. Not getting much height but soarable. Sky wasn't looking very brilliant but nothing concerning.

20min later I was out of breath but up on top. Still flyable. So set up and of I went.

After a wee while Tommy headed down.  The rest of us stayed up for a bit longer. Long enough to see Tommy landing by the side of the road. Some people will do anything to save a 2 min walk ;-)

Cloudbase was starting to drop. Wispy bits visible on Henderland Hill and Bowerhope Law. Vario was ticking over 45min in the air and I had forgotten to turn on my heated gloves.

It was almost a procession into the landing field (not road!).

Debrief in the pub afterwards. Ask Dave about a "half loaf" the next time you see him ;-)

Another lovely friday evening out at bridgend.



  • 2Derek demonstraiting the chicken run
  • Tommy and Dave
  • 3Derek getting feet off the ground
  • 1Derek Launching
  • its flyable
  • tommy and Dave - 1