Left Lockerbie at 6pm ever hopeful that the day was not done and it might be still flyable at bridgend.

Slight breeze at the bottom but no one else about.

Headed up.

Felt relatively strong up top. Watched the gusts come down the loch but no sign of any white horses. Just Sheep on the hill and a couple of seagulls soaring the hill.

It always feels stronger when your on a hill by yourself but it felt ok. maybe even a tad light between the gusts.

Set up and thought I'd get a 5min soaring flight and fly down.

45min smooth later I headed down. Super easy soaring. In part because there was no one to avoid or fly round.

Didn't get particularly high  but got higher than the hill - Gps hinted at 1670ft max so probably only 60ft above -  And that took a fair bit of patience. I tried to get higher but couldn't.