Bloody gid weekend tho. 


In Sean's defence he has grew on me he is my mate he just had a different approach in warming is buttocks impulsive maybe. 

My observations of  the evenings shenanigan's I would say the fire was rigged. Roller logs where placed behind the large log so it would burn equally from both sides by a old comrade of his.

As darkness fell over carca fire circle, Dr Jekyll's potion divulged some strange goings on.

I my self sat with a permanent  smile on my face in the gloom at our more senior members gallery area off to the right to find two of them toasting their camping chairs. I guessed it might have been a long day for them and the incontinence pants where beginning to leak.

Over to the left Dorita was pacifying RAB alias William Wallace and lots lots more happening after Dr Hide had emerged in various aspects throughout the evening.

But who am I to judge what the hell is a judge.

A great time had by all and the guests going home knowing they had been to fantastic wingbeat bit of a do. From Javva Glendinnigs opening speech the day was a Hoot and well done to all concerned for it is not just a few that make it rewarding its every one that contributes. Long Live Wingbeat.



  • TimR-bags were carted to half way up
  • richard-serious-selfie
  • dk-steve
  • dk-flying
  • dk-robocop goes flying
  • TimR-run
  • dk-richard
  • dk-briefing
  • dk-fire
  • dk-tommy flying
  • richard-innerliethen
  • dk-greenflames
  • richard-innerliethen-far
  • DavidT-Innerleithen
  • TimR-no midges here
  • DavidT-Towards the coast
  • dk-ged testing the outside loo
  • richard-innerliethen-further
  • dk-derek found the bogroll
  • TimR-fire
  • DavidT-Nothing can go wrong now
  • TimR-don't turn
  • dk-gordon
  • dk-gordon and steve
  • dk-steve-wing
  • TimR-launch
  • dk-logs
  • richard-gto2
  • dk-barrys not sure
  • dk-tommy
  • man-in-the-fire