A little run of Easterly winds gives us the opportunity to go to one of the more picturesque sites round at St Mary's Loch. Its a fairly easy walk up. I was working on the Friday so I cant comment but folk flew.

  I arrived on the top on the Saturday and launched at midday into a wind that was picking up, over the first 20 min flight I watched the wind speed pick up from 15mph to 21 on my skytrax so I decided to top land whilst I still could.

  That was as strong as got and it soon settled down so I relaunched and flew about watching what seemed to be hordes of other pilots arriving at different times. At least 12 other folk arrived to take in the day.

 No great height gains or anything mega...well, appart from Neil doing Acro with his new Sigma underneath him half the time.

  Lots going on though with loads of top landings and launches, blethering and the usual carry on.

    I flew down at nearly 3pm as I was required elsewhere but some of the others kept going until 4.30. I believe the wind picked up again to strong but still well flyable.


      I went for another look as did a few other folk. A lot more cloud today and not a lot of breeze. Thermals were coming through and we tried to catch them but they were too weak and small so it ended in a fly down.

   At least we tried and the walk ups are always good exercise.




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