A flyable saturday. Really. Nah. Don't believe it.

Lovely morning in Lockerbie but a long list of things to be done before I could make my escape.

By 2 the sky was starting to fill in and it was a wee bit dark to the north. Rumors of showers were ignored and off to Bridgend I go.

Sky over Moffat was quite interesting... and there was a definite line of clouds. Sunny to the south but dark to the north.

Got the the loch of the lowes and crossed the line into the darkness. Well. cloudy side. By the time I got to the Cafe/Tibbie sheils it was raining :-(

The two Daves were having a cup of tea under the back of Dave H's Berlingo. Neil, Ged and Tommy were on take off. In the rain. huddled like penguins. We were dry.

Called Ged and he said he could see it brightening up so suitably persuaded we hung around waiting for the rain to stop. It did. And up we went.

The sky cleared and the breeze picked up. Neil showed off his new Orange glider. I got to play on my green and orange one.

Everyone flew.

As the sun got lower it got more interesting on the West ward beat.. Couldnt see a thing and knowing that Ged and Dave were at around the same height as me I bailed. Close to an hour flying :-) New glider seemed to work ok :0

The new thing (is anything new?) seems to be landing by the road. Tommy managed it. Neil had a car in his way and DaveL decided the field was better.

Ged went for the shoreline.

Another nice afternoon out.


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