Tinto South was the venue for today. Setting of from Ettrick in low cloud I decided to go over to Tinto via Talla, it was socked in until Meggat Stane, then totally blue.

  Arrived at Tinto at 11.30 and waited a few minutes for Fred and Neil to arrive. Clouds were beginning to develop as we walked a third of the way up Greenhill.

 Gliders out and after a short kite we are airborne into a SSE, its easy to stay up and there are small thermals so a trip along to big Tinto is on. Just wonderful is the feeling of scratching up that huge face, I kept well away as we broke the summit as it felt strong, the Skytrax was telling me the wind speed was 22mph. The thermals were getting stronger as the afternoon went on, overall it was pretty strong with decent climbs and a massive lift band way out over the road, I clocked 60 kph going back to the face at one point. A good number of gliders out today and a good Wingbeat turnout, Neil, Fred,Sean, Dave H, Rabstis.

  I felt at times like going out to land but kept going keeping well out and managed just over 2 hrs on the first flight. A few of us fought our way down to land at the base of the hill for a bite to eat.

   Relaunch and a change, high cloud started to block the sun and things settled down a bit so back along to Big Tinto, still strong but a slight drop in windspeed.

   Neil came in close and we had a chat, I wanted to sit on top of his wing and he said to go for it, I was about a foot away but lost my nerve. Neil gets the award for hooligan of the day, boy was he pulling some moves, It did go pear shaped along at the ski jump very briefly but he handled it well.

  Cobby was spotted launching from the quarry and was soon making his way along the ridge.

  All thats left to say is what a day, what a day. Classic.

  After landing we all went to the Crown in Biggar for a knees up. Then its of home via Talla again. I arrived at Talla at 6.17pm, still light and not a soul to be seen. I stopped for a while to take it all in, the whole day had been perfect, beautiful, wonderful.

  I am now in the glow.......thankyou Tinto, until next time.