Another good afternoons flying at witchie. Wingbeat gargoyles turned up in there droves swapping brooms for para gliders 10 in total. With Rob and Dave being there 1st and myself they where just heading off to the SW bowl conditions where a lot lighter than the day before and you had a less likely chance of  having pellet perforation holes in your glider flying at the bowl end of witchie. Myself waited a bit to see if the wind would pick up and I was introduced to New Zealand IAN by Selkirk Chris which he decided to do a bit of ground handling, While chatting to Ian D2R2 and CP3O turned up from the Dumfries way.

By this time Rob and Dave where flying the SW bowl and the blainslie bomber swooped over the gathering crowed and gave the all clear to say its good to go, with that a rush to unpack and Tim and Derek entered the take off area by the cars .

Soon 10 gliders flying all over witchie knowe.

Thought o good the word has got out how much good flying is to be had at this lovely little site,   "OR" Wingbeat pilots have discovered a new international sign for to go flying,

As the clocks went back the light was beginning to fade pilots began to land, last in the air was oor Jamie with his new toy it looked really quite good with the last of the light shimmering through the rib cells of his wing.

All in all a good week in the rolling hills of the Borders
Over and out



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