Straight to the pics.  Straight to the video.

So,to cut to the chase.We arrive at White Corries car park in great time after a luxury drive up the road in the BEAST.

Its not as busy as I thought it would be after hearing reports of a busy mountain bike comp,and very few pilots going about. We had a seat in the cafe for a bit and flying faces are starting to appear,so off we go up the lift, arriving at the top we can see a good number off gliders already laid out.

At take off the thermals are already making there presence felt, pilots are starting to launch as we set up and a few folk are taken by surprise on the ground as the thermals are fairly ripping through.

Its launch time and we wait patiently for a good time, and then its time to go, please let there be lift, and there was.


The climb out was fairly smooth for me, the vario working overtime.

It was not long before I was past the 1000ft above take off looking down at the others launch. After this I concentrated on the flight and lost touch with everyone. Its such a vast place its easy to lose sight of folk.

I decided to go back to the big snow covered peaks and by this time I was passing 5000ft so I felt safe playing in there, the lee side screes were baking in the sun now way below me and the lift coming out off this huge place was like a blast furnace. The climbs were crazy.The vario was screaming the same high pitched song.

At this point I decided to take some pictures.

I can tell you now it was very difficult for me to do this. This was a wild ride and I remember the moment well, trying to fly the glider in the rough air and take pictures but I have the evidence.

So this was to go on for a couple off hours and during the flight I spotted everyone.

Dudley far away in the distance at base.

Rob scratching way way below! for christ sake Rob come on... and after a short while there he was up at base disappearing into cloud. Good effort.

Logan soon appeared just below and as I pushed out to get into the valley he went off to play in the big lift coming out off the screes. I glanced back to see him making base.

Out in the valley it was getting bumpy so I decided to go down and land. Not so easy! Lift all over. Spiral dive time and I am just over 4000ft. What a job getting down. I was getting airsick and was really keen to get on the deck. I was relieved to finally get low. It was pretty bumpy coming in to land but at last I touched down.

This all happened 24 hours ago and I am still at base, scared and in awe.



  • wingbeat climbing out
  • blackwater reservoir and rannoch moor
  • buchaille etive mor
  • dudley centre
  • dudley getting ready bottom left
  • getting ready at takeoff
  • glengoe mountain bike tracks
  • hangliders at takeoff
  • bloody southerners glencoe 28042012
  • logan appears above the buchaille
  • logan between tommys riser and brakeline
  • logan disappearing into cloud at 6000ft
  • logan dudley and robert get ready
  • logan next to  risers
  • logan with ben toig in background



Tommys video  (Logans edit)