Not the baked beans or Brussels sprouts variety either. Forecast had looked ok for some flying but it was just too windy. I could tell it was too windy when I got a TXT from Berwick to ask if anyone was out and about. 10MPH+ on xcweather obs / met office forecast is pretty much too windy for all our sites.

There was a slight hint of things dropping in the evening. Well. On the forecast I saw it was between 8 and 10pm. Tommy was more enthusiastic so got to Witchieknowe 7ish. A tad strong.

I got there about 19.45 and it was still blowing quite strong in front of the cars. Stuck a windsock out and it was dancing about all over the place (may need to adjust the lines on it!)

20:20 still strong but not so much dancing on the windsock. It was magically flyable.

Quick unpack and I was flying. Even bet Tommy into the air. couple of beats on the Southerly face (pretty small) and down. Tommy did the same but headed over to the SW bowl. Landed but was soon in the air again. but got a tad low and had to kite up from the bottom of the bowl.

It was soarable but pretty light. 30 min (or there abouts) light wind scratching with the sun in our eyes. Really good practice. would have felt very crowded if anyone else was there.

As it dropped off we flew back to the cars. Tommy landing short. I made it over but didn't top land and ended back towards the bowl as it was strong but not lifty on the southern face. By the time I was up by the cars Tommy was kiting up the West end of the ridge. Apparently very West and snotty on the flydown.


  • SE bowl had a Westerly coming over the top.
  • South face had a strong southerly. with a hint of SSW
  • SW bowl was SW'ly

I think there is a bit of a wind gradient where we park the cars. It's the low point between the hills and always seems stronger than either bowl. Must take a walk up the SW bowl next time rather than sitting in the car waiting for the wind to drop at the windy spot!


  • about to land at the bottom of the bowl
  • looking towards the cars
  • back to the cars
  • scratching down the bowl
  • tommy on southern launch
  • IMG_20170708_203247
  • spot the glider
  • soaring the bowl
  • IMG_20170708_212245
  • IMG_20170708_212238
  • heading east
  • IMG_20170708_212227
  • Tommy heading west
  • IMG_20170708_211950